Monday, 28 June 2010

I really don't know what drew me to taking this image but I'm glad I did because I like the three rows of lines and the weird blue things. The contrast of the colours is nice.

I would have liked to have gotten a close up of the lights but they were too far away and quite high up. However I really like the composition of this image because although it doesn't look that close up it is showing only a portion of the structure.

Some people won't like this image because to them the composition will be all wrong. I've cut off half the word, it doesn't even make any sense and my main point of focus is the corner of a window but how many people can say that they have such an intricate design designated below their window? I was focusing on all the different textures and look how many are in this single shot! You've got the sign, the brick, the paint and the glass. My main point of focus is also the point in which the three objects all meet so I did actually know what I was doing! :)

I took this photo because I really liked the contrast between the black and the pale yellow. I thought that the yellow really stood out and it's because of this that I actually noticed it in the first place. I really like the texture of it. It's different to the window ledge, and it sort of looks like sand being swept away. The detail of the ledge flows, giving it a sea like appearance.
This is a photograph of the base of a barrier pole but to me it looks more like an oil painting.
I think that what drew me to take this picture was not the fact that there was a pair of black sunglasses on the pavement, but that there was a pair of black sunglasses that had a lens missing that was on the pavement. I liked the idea of having a black border around this really intriguing background. There's three different forms in this image and I think they work well together.